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A flurry of new products and services in industry after industry and major social changes all over the world. Electronics, IT and software, entertainment telecom pharmacutal and banking & financial services are some examples of industries which have been exeriencing such forces.

The work of managers and organizational leaders in such environment is not extremely challenging but also rewarding.Those who aspire to become organizaional leaders in today's environment will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The dwarikadheesh College stands for Righteousness, Integrity, and Enlightenment & aims developing the human values among its students and teachers.

The institue believes that the quality of human resource is determined by the quality of education - the knowledge, attitude, values and practical experiences provided to children and youth through formal, non formal and higher education children and youth who receive better education in school and colleges tend to have higher income, better jobs become better Citizen and have the avibility to face the challenges of fast changing society more successfully than those who receive poor quality of education.

It is also an established fact that the quality of teachers, their professional commitment and motivation for teaching profession and their professional training is the most importent factor which influences the quality of important factor which influences the quality of education, therefore the training of teachers becomes an important compliment in improving the quality of teaching in schools dwarikadheesh College endeavours to provide modern facilities for curricular and corricular programmes of high quality.

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