Student List 2011-12
Chairman Message

It is my heartfelt pleasure to welcome our the in-coming 2010 batches of students of Dwarikadheesh researcheducation And Management School. Saharanpur.

World is changing very fast. To Cope up the changing scenario of Technology, one has to adopt up to date modern tools for their better up liftmen and progress. Our students are the real wealth of the nation. The institute is the real platform where students not only touches the academic standard but also learns leadership quality, inter-personal skills, skill to work in a team in a knowledge sharing environment and overall personality development. It is our moral duty and collective responsibility to inculcate the confidence in students to realize their dreams.

My dream is that DREAMS, saharapur should not be a mere top class national institute but it should be a global top institute. where student should feel proud to be an alumnus. It is our sincere effort in order to be successful in this direction:Our faculty is dedicated to students for excellent academic records and overall development to meet the professional challenges with confidence.

I wish you all a very happy and meaningful stay in the institute.

Nidhi Goel
Vice President's Message
Welcome to Dwarikadheesh Research Education & Management School, where we eliminate boundaries and create opportunities by enlightening and enriching knowledge. 

From the moment a person begins his career, till his retirement, he would have spent several hours at work. His entire career would depend upon a lot of factors critical among those is the college he gets an admission into.

It’s so critical that every student has no choice but to be at his best. I congratulate you for deciding to pursue your studies through Dreams College Of Polytechnic. The institution is designed to install academic excellence and inspiring students to outshine in this fast and changing competitive world. Dwarikadheesh Research Education & Manageent School  is well equipped with all academic and technical resources, which would motivate students to become leaders of tomorrow. 

All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile , shape the last plan , endure the last hour’s toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers. The race is not yet over as we have not finish yet.

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